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Samsung QE75Q950TSUXUA TV

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Description Samsung QE75Q950TSUXUA TV

Limitless screen
Get the most out of viewing on a screen with virtually invisible borders. The black edges of the screen are kept to a minimum, and the ultra-thin frame with a thickness of only a few millimeters allows you not to be distracted by details and completely immerse yourself in watching your favorite content.

A new dimension of image realism
Real resolution of 8K
Experience the power of every scene with an incredible 33 million pixel resolution, stunning image clarity, and a resolution 4 times higher than UHD 4K. The Quantum 8K processor is capable of improving low-quality images up to 8K resolution.

Absolute realism thanks to artificial intelligence
Quantum 8K Processor
Samsung's powerful intelligent processor, combined with 8K AI zoom and an adapted image mode, provides the best possible viewing experience. This processor allows you to take full advantage of the 8K resolution.

Your favorite content in 8K quality
8K AI zoom
The intelligent capabilities of Quantum 8K allow you to scale content to the 8K level thanks to machine learning.AI zoom technology creates textures without interference, increases the contour sharpness of image objects and eliminates noise at the pixel level. You will see the perfect image.

The illumination does not affect the quality
Adaptive Image Mode
The brightness of the image on the screen is automatically adjusted depending on the level of ambient light. Enjoy perfect image quality regardless of the time of day or the type of content.

Single invisible connection and wall-to-wall mounting
Forget about the problem of tangled wires with one virtually invisible cable. Conveniently place the TV on the wall without gaps thanks to the special mount.

The sound that follows the object on the screen
Object Tracking Sound Technology
With Object Tracking Sound technology, the sound moves across the screen, following the object in each scene. And the built-in additional speakers create a truly immersive three-dimensional sound, immersing you in the epicenter of events.

Perfection in the accuracy of the transmission of parts
Full direct illumination 32x
The full direct illumination of the QLED TV is automatically adjusted depending on the image on the screen. So QLED provides deeper black tones and optimal color contrast in each scene.

Any place in front of the TV is the best
Ultra-wide viewing angle
Every detail of the image is visible from any angle to the screen. The ultra-wide viewing angle ensures consistently high image quality even if you are sitting away from the screen. Now any place in front of the screen is the best.

Samsung Quantum HDR technology provides the best image quality, ranging from great color to excellent detail in the darkest areas of the scene.
Quantum HDR 32x
The Quantum HDR 32x technology sets a new standard for exceptional image detail and brightness. Enjoy a rich palette of precisely reproduced color and deep contrast with a magnificent transfer of the smallest details. HDR10 technology optimizes the color tones of each scene, so you can appreciate the subtle nuances of color play.

A billion shades of natural color
100% color volume with quantum dot technology
Quantum dot technology provides the best image quality. Thanks to 100% color volume, Quantum Dot technology transforms light into a stunning color palette, and the color quality remains stable at any brightness level.

Improved game mode
Real Game Enhancer Function
Enjoy excellent image quality without special settings for the game mode settings. The exceptional clarity of motion transmission is due to the absence of a halo around objects and image blurring, even in the most dynamic game scenes. Excellent visibility of image details even in the darkest scenes, and the sound perfectly syncs with the actions of the characters on the screen. AMD FreeSync technology reduces the appearance of plume and image shake, which allows you to always be a winner.

You won't miss a single dialog
Active Speech Booster
If you watch TV in a noisy environment-be sure that you do not miss anything important.The Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) technology detects extraneous noise in real time and automatically increases the volume of the voice.

TV and soundbar: Sound synergy
Q-Symphony Technology
Combined with the TV's six QLED speakers, the front, side, and top speakers of the soundbar form a full surround sound field around the TV. This allows the viewer to feel the effect of full immersion in what is happening on the screen.

Get the most out of watching TV
The Smart Hub platform and the universal One Remote (The availability of this feature may depend on the region of sales. Check the availability of this feature before using it.)
The Smart Hub platform has gathered all your favorite content in one place. And the universal One Remote provided easy access and comfortable operation. Now one remote control is enough to control all the devices connected to the QLED.

TV and smartphone on the same screen
Multi View Mode
Multi View mode divides the TV screen into two parts, one of which puts the content that you are currently watching on TV, and the other puts the content from your smartphone. This means that you don't need to be distracted from the TV screen anymore to view the content on your phone screen.

Smart Home with QLED TV
SmartThings App
All connected devices are now on the same screen. Simply install the SmartThings app on your QLED, receive notifications, and control other devices connected to the smart home system.

Specification Samsung QE75Q950TSUXUA TV

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Samsung QE75Q950TSUXUA TV Samsung QE75Q950TSUXUA TV Samsung QE75Q950TSUXUA TV