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Xoko bs-300 Blogger Kit

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Description Xoko bs-300 Blogger Kit

The XOKO BS-300 Blogger kit is a multi-functional professional tool that is ideal for live show streaming, Youtube, Selfie, video chat, music platform, and other use cases. The XOKO BS-300 blogger kit includes: a tripod with a possible height from 12 cm to 19 cm without a lamp, a ring Led lamp with an external diameter of 26 cm with a holder, a smartphone holder, a Bluetooth remote control, a lavalier microphone and a 3.5 mm splitter that will help you connect both a microphone and headphones!

Ring LED lamp
Allows you to adjust the lighting and direct it to a specific object, so that your videos and photos are perfect. The outer diameter of the lamp is 26 cm, the inner diameter is 20 cm. The blogger lamp has 3 types of lighting: cold, warm and neutral, as well as 10 light intensity modes in each of the lighting types. The temperature range is 2200-6500K.

Allows you to fix the lamp in the desired position. The tripod for the blogger in the assembled state has a length of 12 cm, which allows you to use it as a mini-monopod. In the unfolded state, the height of the tripod is 19 cm, it is at this height that the location of the LED lamp will be ideal for video shooting.

Flexible Smartphone Holder
Securely locks the smartphone in the desired position. The rotary mechanism allows you to rotate the smartphone 360 degrees. The length of the flexible leg is 17 cm. The holder is compatible with smartphones with a diagonal of up to 6.5 inches. »


Ring LED lamp:
Outer diameter-26 cm
Inner diameter-20 cm
Three types of lighting – cold, warm and neutral
Ten light intensity modes in each of the lighting types
Temperature range-2200-6500K
Voltage: 5V
Power: 15W
LEDs, 120 pcs
Power supply: USB 1.9 m, USB 5V wire

Phone holder:
Length: 17 cm
Material: Metal plastic
Maximum phone size: 6.5 inches

Height: 12-19 cm
Material: Metal plastic

Size: 26.5×4.4×26.7 cm

Specification Xoko bs-300 Blogger Kit

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Xoko bs-300 Blogger Kit Xoko bs-300 Blogger Kit Xoko bs-300 Blogger Kit