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About Us

A modern online store should not only be fashionable, convenient, functional, but most importantly, it should be "optimized" for search engines and provide "constant growth" in sales.

If your online store on OpenCart once occupied leading positions in search queries, and now the traffic is getting smaller, sales results are falling, you need to check the page load speed of the online store on OpenCart using the Google PageSpeed ​​Insights test, install the FireStore template, and check again!

Most Internet users already use mobile devices to surf the web. Google, of course, adapts to this movement in the market, and in order to meet the demand of its users, it makes adjustments to its algorithms for ranking sites so that in the TOP there are those online stores that are convenient for viewing and shopping from "mobile". Therefore, take care of the mobile version of the site with a responsive FireStore template:

  • provides fast page load time regardless of the device type;
  • harmoniously reflects the content of the site on any device from which the user views the Internet resource;
  • unlike mobile applications, it has a single site address, as well as a unified resource content management system.

If you have a fast online store, since May 2021 its speed will be appreciated by Google, which announced that CORE WEB VITALS speed will now be a ranking factor in search results. Fast online stores will "respect" and rank well on Google, which are huge benefits and savings on advertising budgets in paid advertising.

Also, a fast online store means CONVENIENT for your Customers, will not make them nervous and wait a long time for pages, products, photos, etc. to load. And since your fast online store will appeal to visitors to use, they will be pleased to receive information quickly and conveniently on their mobile devices, they will buy from you more often than on the average slow competitor site. In professional terminology, your online store will have a higher percentage of conversion from users to Buyers (all other things being equal, which include: high-quality presentation of the product (description, images, video, price of the product), delivery terms, selection and assortment, polite managers, terms of guarantee and return, availability of shares, etc.).

It will be loved by Customers who are more willing to make purchases, thereby, as a competent marketer, you will increase the return on investment in advertising and in the development of the online vector of your business. For the same cost, you'll get more sales than competitors with slower sites